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Penn Air Solar

Bringing quality professional grade solar lighting options to the masses

Who is Penn Air Solar?

Penn Air Solar is all about bringing quality professional grade solar lighting options to the masses. Nothing is truer than the old analogy, “you get what you pay for” and that is especially true with solar lighting products. Our products were specifically researched and engineered with two goals in mind: (1) stop the frustration and expense of having to replace the low quality solar lights on the market that lasts only a few months before failure and (2) Utilize the latest technology that other manufactures have yet to develop using the highest quality materials at the best value in the lighting industry.

Whether you are a homeowner shopping for garden, hardscape or deck lighting, a boat owner looking to accent your boat and dock, military personnel looking to outfit a landing strip, contractors interested in professional lighting products that last, saves money, and can qualify for lower insurance premiums for your clients, we have you covered.

Our Values

Environmental Impact

We will help you reduce your carbon footprint make you a responsible global citizen

Financial Benefits

Save you money now! Penn Air provides you with a sound investment for your future.

Energy Independence

Reduce your dependence on the energy grid and provide sustainable tools to reduce your intake of fossil fuels